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Cybersecurity lock and shield

Cybersecurity Services

Stainless Steel


We consult, contract, and provide managed IT services for

on-premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud networks.

Our services include implementing security measures and controls, and the evaluation of consequences for any action. These evaluations include workflows, dependencies, and company resources.

Stainless Steel

Frameworks we work with

  • OWASP (Open Worldwide Application Security Project)

  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Stainless Steel

Technology platforms
we work with

  • Active Directory

  • Windows Server / Workstation

  • SQL Server, Exchange, Office 365

  • Redhat Linux

  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • ISA/TMG firewalls

Stainless Steel

What we do

  • Audit assessments for IT Risk Management and Business Continuity

  • Work with IT operations to set up a shared disaster recovery/business continuity plan

  • Work with HR and/or team leads to educate employees on how to identify suspicious activity

  • Communications with the cyber-defence team including skills sharing to counter new emerging threats

  • Set and implement user access controls and identity management

  • Monitor network and application performance to identify any irregular activity

  • Perform regular audits to ensure security practices are compliant

  • Set up patch management systems to update applications automatically

  • Implement comprehensive vulnerability management systems across all assets on-premises and in the cloud

  • Management reporting

Stainless Steel

Accreditations & Certifications

  • McAfee Managed Services Certified (ePolicy Orchestrator, Web Services)

  • Individual cybersecurity certifications such as CompTIA Security+

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